The music ministry of the church is saddled with the responsibility of producing good music with spiritual content to lead the people of God in sound worship to glorify God.

Evangelism is said to be the heartbeat of God, and it is the Great Commission. The Evangelism Department helps to organise and manage church resources to achieve desired result of soul winning and missions.

This is the Cooperate Social Responsibility of the church, where the church is committed to improving its environment and social performance beyond legal obligations. Basically, it’s a way of giving back to the society. This department also harnesses the resources available to meet needs of the society where the church is resident.

Our multimedia creates a beautiful service experience producing wonderful video and audio coverage materials of all the programs in church. We are also responsible for the live streaming of The Place of Enlargement events.

This group is made up of trained, educated and informed workers who regularly assist the Pastors to educate the church morally and spiritually. Their impact on church spiritual growth is highly critical.

The teaching department comprises the Sunday School Unit and the Children/Teenagers’ Teachers. The teaching department also includes units like the Believers/Baptismal Class and Workers-in-Training Class.

This is the Department of the church where our children are nurtured and taught the way of the Lord. A place, where they are shaped in God’s standards and precepts.

This can also be seen as the intercessory part of the church. Though every Christian has the obligation to pray, this group is specifically saddled with the obligation to pray for the church and “lift up the hands of Moses” – the
Moses in this case being the Pastor-in-Charge at various levels of
administration of the church. The intercede for the church.

We provide counselling to members of the Church who are in need of such after the each service every Sunday and at any other time as required

This is the department that organises welfare and harnesses all available resources within the church to provide for the needy in the church.

This is a paramilitary group with calculative individuals. They administer security, orderliness and the observation of protocols in all church events. They ensure church settings as well.

This is a department of the church that ensures compliance with church/service protocols as well as orderliness.

We ensure a free flow of vehicular traffic during our services for ease of movement. We handle the parking of cars within the church environment and ensure all cars parked are well secured


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